19. Where Poetry Now Includes the Weather

We & I – let’s swim into this house
         and have a bath, swiftly
         everything spills, every one
         embrace this feast
                            – we feed
         each other’s faces
                            all summer long
                            delicious too
                            our ecosystem

Things get sooty & disordered
Who wouldn’t blame the
Old generation then?
– Richard: oh, what of succour?
  Rita: adorable source of worthless order
  Gilda: cannot calm the dawn
  Glenn: doing his grunties, again
  Adrian: tutor mainly to shingle is wasted blasphemy
  Stella: helpful, salty & built of old bricks
  La Vedette Atomique: oh my friend
                       the dark vapours break
                       whatever we improvise
                       dust & voices
                       speckled w/ grey drops

Make a ritual of this now
The shock of utter events
Will break our silence
Hour by hour
             – rearrange all this