39. Even When We Err

Veronica Very: what’s this one, mama?
               Munching Monsters & Sewer Critters
               Oh yes, you will accept all &
               it will all be full of memories
               for things start & stop
               even for blue talking horses
              (he didn’t tell you I was a mare?
               well, he wouldn’t, would he not at all
               and, well, what I’m writing is up to me
               not mine but of me, a folk memory
               that disordered feast, full of wonder
               time to work, to make ourselves younger.

Herei II: ktissueu!
          – count me in with that
          Gosh, it will go through at the deal
          ant vapour – ah yes, formless but formic
          & the intensity of tomatoes, them
          love apples, and so much to drench ourselves with
          excuse me, gosh, I may be mandarin but
          O woe, woe, woe! for me this it
          I’m staying & I’m nabbing & I’m knowing.

Pauline: It’s not complicated, like
         living in a village.
         Everyone’s outside me
         I don’t care: oh
         my top stories cut
         here in my head
         illuminated like a custom gaming case
         – succour not an issue –
         close attention, care & children
         all of them, oh all ourselves
         lit in what we improvise
         even when we err.

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