43. The Clean, Conceptual, Corrosive Joy of Kitsch, or Mongrel Mess


Like, just what is this, & who and where? Some blurry mess come out of the skies to titillate & mock us? Sarah, I can see you are laughing, free of who you are, but then you don’t turn up anyway – you just invite all your snarky little friends. Oh how cute – look, they’re playing cybermen & werewolves, surrealist japes & cheap rip-offs. I can see why you’re laughing; but how can you avoid chromosomal damage under this inhuman pressure? IDS, for gods’ sake! why? why?

And you, Paulina, you pointless bitch – rip out rather than rip off, some sophomore gesture towards materiality and ephemerality of the image, hunh? I don’t need to respond to a bit of torn paper, or a few smears of inky patterns handcrafted on Olde Photoshoppe. OK, so we’ve had a thing about heads, for a long long time, and putting them on cupcakes will make us happier I don’t think. I eat.

My money’s on the vagrants. They’ve moved down out of the pass. Speaking as one who knows, I’ve been there. It’s cold, beautiful, full of the way out, hunkering down besides this fire.

One thought on “43. The Clean, Conceptual, Corrosive Joy of Kitsch, or Mongrel Mess”

  1. far too many images to source – but of importance is Frederick Walker’s The Vagrants (1868), with his sister Polly the model for the standing figure to the right. Good image on the Tate website at http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/walker-the-vagrants-n01209; and see also John Simkins’s Spartacus Educational website at http://spartacus-educational.com/Jwalker.htm, which also quotes The Art Journal review: “There is a pathos, a melancholy about these poor outcasts which awakens compassion. Hearts of a brave humanity have these wanderers, though rude in person and ragged of attire. Specially noble is the bearing of the woman with arms folded and of countenance moodily meditative.”

    Background scenery is the view from Haukeliseter Fjellstue Cafè across Ståvatn, on the southern edge of the Hardangervidda plateau across Hardangerfjord to the southwest of Bergen

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