53. Here Come the Geldi Again

creeping out in the sunlight
like we all do nowadays

birdsong & glitters
unplanned under clear sky

hidden safe then
from Satan’s Watch Fiends
what the gods are we can tell
– breathe on the mirror & let
                    us appear

“Everything tends towards catastrophe, & collapse
I am interested, geared-up and happy”

Winston Churchill, August 28, 1914, quoted in Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 (Penguin, 2013), p 201 (citing Hew Strachan, The First World War [Oxford, 2001), p 103)


We die, we are born
& in between
scrabble about a bit

oh this stormy weather as the year begins
great things might come over or
yet another upwelling of that shit-filled water

mongrel warnings now:
true Anglo-Saxons born
already hyphenate
– our new native land
scraped clear then washed
bare rock corroded only by sunlight & rain
will welcome all immigrants
– come spread your fertile filth!
life upswinging here joyous as kitsch

largeness & laughing
noisy by nature
curiously lovable
who wouldn’t want
not worship
but welcome

i Im Arme der Götter wuchs ich groß.

ii Einig zu sein, ist göttlich und gut; woher ist die Sucht denn
Unter den menschen, daß nur Einer und Eines nur sei?

iii Liebt die Götter und denkt freundlich der Sterblichen!
Haßt den Rausch, wie den Frost! Lehrt und beschreibet nicht!
Wenn der Meister euch ängstigt,
Fragt die große Natur am Rat.

Hölderlin, op. cit, “Hyperions Schicksalslied”, p 27, “Fünf Epigramme: Wurzel alles Übels”, p 36, “An die jungen Dichter”, p 19


a hank of hair is a little picking bird
– see it fly away now

5 thoughts on “53. Here Come the Geldi Again”

  1. Tak já jsem si dÄ›lal legraci a citoval jsem základní poučku Islámu.Který pochází ze 7.století.n.l myÅ¡lenka mého pÅ™edchozího příspÄ›vku byla že skoro vÅ¡echna náboženství tvrdí, že jen jejich Bůh je pravý.Mohli bychom zapátrat ke starším náboženstvím… jen tak namátkou tÅ™eba k Židům(ti také nevidí Ježíše jako Boha ale jako človÄ›ka) či Hinduistům.

  2. the excesses. Jefferson agreed with the principle of removing the Monarch. That was small potatoes considering the orgy of violence and liberal hypocrisies.Adams debated Jefferson for years and eventually won. Jefferson denounced just about everything he previously thought about secularism, and liberalism. No small task considering Jefferson’s intellect and personality. However, Adams, being a conservative, appealed to his intellect through reason.As for the previous exchange..I’ve said all I can hope to say on that.

  3. Kathy, I’m watching closely for deer browsing on the American hollies. If I thought they are as likely browse targets as other holly I would not have left any in the open. Since I potted these up there have been many opportunities for deer to nibble them. None were placed in protected areas and nearby plants were hit by deer. Winter may bring a different experience.I’ll check out your post suggestion … thanks. I also love dogwood seedlings.

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