54. Enochian Translation No.1

Enochian translation No 1

All these things are held in here ready to ripen
to fly off free like a god or delusion into the mountains
whence may come our aid because we believe in this or
just gravity rolling down – ah, dear momentum
you can be extraordinary if we summon our speed & our daring
sidestepping how they will block us – oh something peregrine & vagrant
we’ll sweep beside & over them, trust then to our formlessness
& improvise our pleasure. Well, alright then, let’s hope
& spring out, joyous as kitsch and irresistible
there are no lines to hold nor commitments to resolve
except the flight of human liberty, the flock of us
all diving out of the sun. Hold on this please
we have wandered long to reach here from
Tottenham through Broadstairs to Hardanger Vidda lakeside
hiding amongst the reindeer & prostrate willows, bare stones
that remain for millennia. The air is clear
we reform & blend – wilderness like wine, pristine heights
cheering, sustaining. Let us write what we feel &
what we have found out amongst ourselves now and
lay it out in full despite of the self-chosen elite – no
recognition of their statuses & rights, oppose separation
refusal to live on the common basis of all other beings
hoarding up capital, laws, propaganda & guns like
dung beetles.

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  1. Enochian Translation: the Elizabethan mathematician, astrologer/nomer, occultist and nationalist publicist John Dee received through the mediumship of Edward Kelley a series of communications from angelic spirits, delivered in their script and language, which are referred to as Adamic, or Enochian, after the patriarch, who, of course, did not die but was translated into heaven. Enoch is credited with the authorship of several versions of an apocryphal book about this translation. On Dee I would recommend Benjamin Woolley, The Queen’s Conjuror: The Life and Magic of Dr Dee (Flamingo, 2002). I was also exploring the reverse of all this – the transformation of fully semic text into asemic text: on this try Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/76178850228/.

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