59. Particular Dust

All these things here where
Hertfordshire drops into Harlow & Essex
and people eat & drink as they will

I’m planning to doss at my mate Mark’s
as Karla said, time to stop running
now to gather our memories & see
what we should do together now
make up our choice, decide how to act

This is what she said – she’s the one
really good with the language we use, she sd:
What we need like some vast disordered feast
where we consume all our enemies together
w/ rye bread, cheese & cool beer joyfully
get rid of them all in a single natural act

It could be anywhere we start, just
not some ludicrous gross out but let it be
a holy meal of our enemies’ flesh
we shall be joined – no one left
on the outside now, only us, a we
ready to improvise, tenderly & in wonder
a new world out of the mess we made of this old
that’s why we will start anywhere & even
the particular dust of loneliest Hertfordshire

OK then, girl, I said, let’s separate
go off into the actual wilderness there
then return & meet up, our voyaging
our vagrancy focused & transformed
oh, I can manage it sometimes as well

that’s how we are a real team I say
Karla + Darrel 4 Ever Where Ever When

Pleasant are the cries of children in this winter sun

OK then we’re held here too it seems
illuminated by this transient sunshine, pale & cheering
a little bite to eat & no big feast
but we’ll share in it together, freely & commonly
give Karla & Darrel a little space & time then
to sort out their heads & next make sure
they’re rooted within their bodies still: sometimes
we are old & sometimes young, but life, well
is always like that don’t you find? really
time to move out, or in, or deeper in
wherever the dimensions’ doors will open and
the imperceptible revolution of the world transform us
light into life & liking & licking
not explaining: listen to this: