78. At Last – All the Wonder of Tapirs

that strangeness
yes, that strangeness
            then this

a paradise of sea & boats
– what do we know about this
   & why did it change?

circumstances do
come round again
stick w/ the seagulls
& do what you do
improve each day
& improvise
            near the end

this is all
such a long way
from where we
thought we’d be

all mammals together
why can’t we just
hold on to that?

like bubbles
         & in wonder
no more

don’t you like watching people?
tenderly, tenderly
no gross expectation

A solution is seen as desirable and is actually anticipated
but it must come from the collective enterprise of the audience
Umberto Eco, The Open Work, translated Anna Canacogni, (Harvard U.P., 1989), p 11

tapire sind komplexe gesellen der sorgfalt.
wie sie so einhergehen auf niedrigen beinen
mit ihren viel zu zierlichen hufen –

Monika Rinck, “disembodiment”, from Verzückte Distanzen (zu Klampen Verlag, Lüneberg, 2004) (sourced from http://www.greatworks.org.uk/poems/awe4.html

hold on
when young
let go
when old

leave dispute
beyond question
bear us
like time