86. Something Now We Can All Agree Upon

oh – all these memories then
pretty sloppy if you want what happened
they catch the shine, that’s all
nothing solid left to return to

no – not one thing (that
ended – just another – call it process
yesterday’s landing craft today’s tourism
but they still keep on diving of course

all this huge & thingy world then
a homeless migrant out of nothing
something like spontaneous fireworks
ending up with just what you are

natural language brilliant for fantasies
makes mud smell of nutmeg if we ask
though it may tell us nothing of here
existing too much likewise in its own right

lost on now some ridiculous plane
totally unsure of what is outside (more rain
always the same abased elements here
until the sky & land no longer know what colour

elastic in what? – I’d say warped & rotten
woven up wretchedly on the cheapest of looms
let’s start up again w/ Harlow & fun
gangs of noisy actual children – agreed upon this

5 thoughts on “86. Something Now We Can All Agree Upon”

  1. . “In my experience, it has more to do with the relationship of the coach recruiting the kid than other kids going to the school. Most kids don’t follow a player because he went to a school.”

  2. I usually dont get nor do I care about car mumbojumbo, but seeings how I have a black 69 Mustang in my garage, I best not talk to much trash on this topic. Mind you the car is not working, rust, smells, gross. And yet it sits rent free all because it is a "69 Stang" . . . . sometimes I do not understand boys.

  3. I loved that, too. Usually it's broken down into "Fememine, softer women want to be wives and mothers" and "Tough, strong women want to be independent and free of husbands and children" and I like that, through Zoe, we get to see one of the toughest, most bad-ass female characters displaying that she is still inclined to marry and have babies. I thought that was a really nice (and realistic) inclusion

  4. Tsonga fait mieux, il est artiste dans la brutalité au bas du filet. Et pour moi un bas du filet est bien plus moche qu’une bâche. Tsonga fait des frappes sur-forcées avec une amplitude de mouvement en coup droit de 30cm et ppppppppppppan il met dans le bas du filet. ça me rappelle quelques coups droits qu’un posteur de ce site qui préfèer garder l’anonymat faisait et qui rebondissaient dans son propre carré de service. Quelle buse j’ét… heu il était.

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