37. Attention, Delicious Games

dreams are here – gosh
familiar and dutiful – very
unabased. Thank you Veronica
& you Pauline. Accept
i accept yr kiss
circumstances choose
all a tissue of voids
it’s fine, it’s filling
just where we work now

where with you, the young
I head into games
outside & our peculiar power
something starts: stop stories
children of circumstance close & delusion
the themselves then there I think
also an astonishment
like locked made me memories
of the Midlands now and ran

36. Now Open, We Hope

Oh big
dogs too
no not
their heads
it’s complicated
something to
focus on

it’s not
i deal
good morning
saturdays; crash!
all dead
all here
accept fate
yr place
accept or
better not

unabased today
kiss all
my scars
dutiful pleasure

i can’t
think what
is possible
learnt it
& flourish

hullo there
tell me
yr story
agricultural college
at school
last year
probably 16
very nice
bit snooty
they’re right
take on
& off
we go

this is
narrative now
no voids
connective tissue
took it
every where

a funny
little thing
a fox
quick divine
appeared and
then gone

gosh Mr
Hughes1! you
are inescapable
a dark
suspicion but
filial piety
we don’t
choose we
work with
the given
even you
to night

do you
want to
return ??
why no
need she
can’t if
Pauline we
dance as
we go
fine when
we do
it OK?

all horrible
nothing works
now i
don’t care
go shout
don’t care
what trend
just shine
clear bright
i decide
now open



1 more familiar to some of you as husband to the unfortunate but now justly more famous Sylvia – thank you, Veronica