about Peter Philpott

Peter Philpott was born in Somerset in 1949, and lived in Martock then Minehead, before attending University of Keele. There he met Andrew Crozier, and fell into the writing of this poetry. He has since lived mostly in Bishops Stortford, teaching in Further Education Colleges (English &c, then Media &c, all at Harlow except the last year) until 2008. Subsequent to retirement, he was made a grandfather, which has turned out a time consuming role.

He ran Great Works Press and magazine in the 1970s, the now largely quiescent Great Works and modernpoetry.org.uk websites in the 2000s, and the Sundays at the Oto & Diverse Deeds performance & reading series at Café Oto 2008-9. He is active online now mainly with Innovative Poetry Readings in London webpage and blogging serial poems. He was socialised into poetry through Cambridge School c 1970, with his main continuing influence, apart from whatever whenever, the mid & late 20C American avant-gardes. He now proudly attends Writers Forum Workshop – New Series.

Main Publications (including online – and in order of writing not publication)

  • The Bishops Stortford Variations (Great Works Editions, 1976)
  • What Was Shown (Ferry Press, 1980)
  • Some Action Upon The World (Grosseteste, 1982)
  • A narrative of the travails of S whilst he is in prison (as Loot 2:3, 1981)
  • A Year and a Day in the Dark Forest (completed 1982) < http://www.greatworks.org.uk/poems/yd/yd1.html >
  • IL (completed 1999) < http://www.greatworks.org.uk/il/a1.html >
  • Textual Possessions: Three Sequences (Shearsman Press, 2004)
  • To the Union (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2010)
  • Are We Not Drawn … (Shearsman Books, 2009)
  • In the Dirt of the Post-Lyric: A Collaborative Cycle (by Robert Blake, Connie Beauchamp, Gerri Dixon, Simon Gregory, Mark Hall, Erwin Hass, Tina Hyett, Emma Liukunas, Mikaela Moriarty, Peter Philpott, Bradley Tabor & Spencer Termott) (completed 2008) < http://www.greatworks.org.uk/poems/itd.html >
  • Ianthe Poems (Shearsman Books, 2015)
  • Within These Latter Days: a poem against purity (completed 2013) < http://withinthese.blogspot.co.uk/ >
  • A Second Life (completed 2014) < http://a2ndlife.org.uk/ >

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