31. The Dialectic of the Commonplace: Fusing Relics and Trash1

This is really some thing – already the recipe
for wading across the Tone, untrammelled & unnatural.
A protest against its disordered pattern. Stochastically sober
poets wouldn’t swim.

How this turns out & what we will gain – well
all tenets are a challenge now. The non-
neurotypical and their vagrant bones especially are
precisely damaging.

Children, never experience all of this – but start up
squeaking, flying, practically Polish (did I mean
police? or politics? whatever’s next now?
a coffeebar happens.

Colleagues – the geography is obscure, marching
all over us. Revolutionary rigour & concerned confidence.
Decide at 15.29 what is pleasurable & important.
Welcome it & go.

Dreams denying desire. No, conceptually stinking.
Yeah, I genuinely bequeath. An imaginary moment.
The personal will usher in disclosure as crucial variation.
Years of work again.



1 David Tiffany, In the Poisonous Candy Factory (Capsule Editions, 2013), p 82 [my punctuation]