11. Just Common Living

We start
from here
again a
gain – yes?
[that rumbling
some beats
cheap wood
so taken
starting here

even sudden
both elites
stand it
stand it
you are
paid to
paid nothing

does fluid
& screams
a horse
everything stops
nothing new
she’s violent

why why
even say
most beautiful
y’ know?
I can’t
say – do
you? hnh?
dynamic my
fucking arse

all chicks
& piss
disordered children
abso –lutely
sharp features
smutty frag
ments out
of here

I’d like
to need
& bus
dada! really?
power of
prayer shown
& pudding

thing is
live recurring
such fun
how rich
really? yes
never forgive
we forget
the milk
Sarah never
asked for
anything – she
did, yes
she did
what sort
of comment
is this?

too much
noise – REPEAT
toomuch noise!

right then
let’s go
& then
thank you
very much
just typical
she arranged
the great
young world
she is
into around

she never
showed up!
you do
that time
& Sarah
no idea
Dutch everything
really unkind
just talk
oh delicious
she doesn’t
see this
at all
man kennt
ein bisschen