65. That’s It

So many
voices here
radically imperfect
good eh?
searching out
more cake
unscrewed heads
absolute acts

not narrative
just lots
of people
doing things
sometimes written
sometimes smeared
some times
just here

the crowd
how many?
how confused?
what scars?
what stories?
what glitters?

invisible forces
rising up
the groundwater!
what you
thought solid
faulted or
voided now
wet as
your insides

speech here
so distorted
foreign voices
let’s mock
Nigel Farage
not serious
frequent glee
any act
speech act
full intention
nothing minimal
some people
understand no
human language

[little children
run noisily
can’t predict
watch out!
pleasure in
all this
[sounds of
more glee

watch out!
love it
[cry sing
(sure thing
hear! all
right all
giants or
bull dogs
ugly brutes
at least
the bite’s
bred out
now then

let’s go
home now
too noisy!
after all
endlessly repeated
no end
everything veers
off course
one day
may be
it’ll be
about now

even cheery
couple smiling
what splendour!
es soll
gut werden
even winter
ends then

all language
then? does
it work?
not utopian?
delicious again
well, time
will pass
a way
the rubble
re built
may be
we’ll learn
got to
do something
not nothing
how hope
really stupid
welcome here
time too
zu machen
to make
build up
a gain
all ways
– –
that’s it